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Put that woman’s body on a bicycle, and things get even more complicated.(Men have to deal with their own set of norms, but that’s another conversation.) A couple of months ago, the writer and bike advocate Elly Blue started a conversation on Twitter with this seemingly simple question: “What does "feminine" mean? It keeps coming up in the context of things women can do to feel that way on a bike, I'm confused.” That tweet set off a wave of comments about the way bikes and bike clothing are marketed to women, the ever-contentious concept of “Cycle Chic,” and a whole lot more.With Canyon WMN, we commit to offering you choice - a range of models as diverse as your reasons for riding.

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The women’s mountain bike saddle market is growing at quite a rate, in line with female participation in the sport as a whole, with a number of options available to fit all different shapes and sizes.

Liz started teaching over 10 years ago, working both in and out of classroom settings.

Walking around in a woman’s body, as anyone who’s done it knows, means that you are subject to an ever-shifting set of societal expectations, restrictions, and judgments about how to dress and behave.

This grouptest covered a six-saddle lineup over a wide price range.

We looked at various different shapes and sizes, from the wide and short Charge Ladle to the long and slim Fizik Vesta – not all of them are mountain-bike specific or indeed female-specific; rather we wanted to assess what did the job best.

It’s more chill and you avoid trucks, buses and other hazards.

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