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10 o'clock come and I asked Jazz to put on her new underwear, Jazz slipped in to the bathroom and come out a few mins later looking very very sexy, I called her over to the bed and lay her down, pulling out a blindfold from under the bed I put it on her, then I gently cuffed each hand followed by her ankles, Jazz was tied good and proper to the bed, Jazz was horny as hell as I could see her nipples popping through her bra and her pussy was glistening wet.

I texted the guy I had met online and told him to come up as the door was open, Tyler was in the bar downstairs and he made his way up.

It happened a few weeks ago and the hotel room was booked, I had arrived there in the afternoon so I could set the room up how I wanted it, I pulled out the under the bed wrist and ankle restriants and positioned them carefully under the bed so they were ready to use.

Jazz knocked on the door around 5 o'clock and walked in holding her overnight bag, she was dressed in a pair of tight jeans and a top that showed off her tits very well.

They whispered and laughed a lot and I knew it was on.

But there was a geeky guy with a gut hanging with him. They got up and headed for the elevators and I caught up with them.

But I have a lot more to confess to you, and some of it involves your wife. After we got to our suite, I carried your sister into the room and sat her down in bed. So Jason, she basically goes home at 530pm to be your wife till 730am. So yeah, I basically lay there totally shocked that she knew all of this. I know that you love me and that if I asked you to stop being with Jenna, you'd do it. You can fuck ANYONE you want as long as you don't bring any STDs home. You need to honor that woman like you are married to her because she is the mother of your children. Anyone else you want after that." I felt like I was in heaven. I had to lick the outside that day because you had sprayed it all over her labia. Jenna is an amazing woman, but she's a little submissive, at least with me. Anyways, Ashley continued: "You get me and Jenna as your lovers for life. My brother is a good man, and even though Jenna doesn't see these things as betrayals, if she keeps them from him any longer, they will be.

What's amazing is, it was pretty much wearing nothing. Your baby sister got down on her knees and freed my huge cock from the pants and boxers I was wearing.

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We lay on the bed having a drink and chatting, I passed Jazz her birthday presents to open, 1st was a very nice black peek-a-boo bra and thong set, Jazz loved this knowing her nips and pussy would be on show, 2nd was a brand new vibrator which Jazz had asked for and was very happy with I had also got Jazz a 3rd present which I told her she would be getting later.

We had a few more drinks and some room service, bottle of champagne and some fun in the huge bath.

If you enjoy the idea of being a bull, imagine you are writing this letter.* ***** Dear Jason, Thanks so much for everything you did for the wedding last night. I am writing this to you because I know how protective and watchful you were over her during this whole process. What you never knew is that there is a closet of her clothes there. Falling in love with you was an after-effect, but he said he likes this. I kept going slow even though all I wanted to do was unload inside of her the gallon of cum I felt like I had inside me from hearing how quickly my entire life was changing.

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