Who is rosie from corrie dating

What will Sally have to say about her partner's secret feelings?

Coronation Street continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm on ITV.

Rita’s behaviour worsens next week in Coronation Street and Gemma’s shocked with the extent of how bad Rita’s memory loss has become.

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Rosie masquerades as Gemma’s lawyer and putting the frighteners on Zoe and Roxy, accuses them of cyber terrorism and advises them to stay away from her client.

She explains to Norris how this is their revenge for her grassing them up for burgling the Kabin.

Rita and Norris then form a plan to get back at Zoe and Roxy.

He also wouldn't speak to her throughout the episode.

Sally then asked Tim to speak to Rosie more often as he is so quiet around her. Viewers of the soap couldn't believe that Tim had developed a crush on his own stepdaughter.

It seems that Rosie Webster's stepdad Tim is developing feelings for her.

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