Webmaster tools site performance not updating

If you have feedback on any of the updates that occurred, Google recommends posting your questions or comments in the Webmaster Central forum.

Baidu Webmaster Tools is a portal created to help webmasters and SEOs monitor and maintain their site’s presence in Baidu’s organic search results.

Hundreds of thousands of webmasters have created Google Webmaster Tools accounts for the sole purpose of receiving information on the status of their sites from the web’s search giant – and now, these loyal users have been rewarded with a series of changes designed to make the service even more effective.

On April 24But regardless of whether or not you like these changes, the new version of Webmaster Tools has already rolled out.

A: Use a 301 redirect to direct traffic from the alternative domain (example2.org) to your preferred domain (example.com). A: In most cases, having duplicate content on your site does not mean your site is penalized. If you're still concerned or want to know more, read these articles (you're not the first person to ask about duplicate content!

How do I let Google know that the two domains are the same site?

It can even be done using your Google Analytics data (if you already have it active this is the preferred method).

Recently Google started emailing you right after you verified your site, giving you quick links to the basic actions that you should take: You should always register your site using both the www and the non-www version, as 2 different sites, even if you technically ensured that only one of these is used. In some cases, you can even register more: All this means you end up with multiple versions of your site in Webmaster tools, but that is ok, see the next step.

So until now, unless someone on your team reads Chinese, managing your site on GWT has been a frustrating experience.

But never fear — we’ve provided this detailed, comprehensive guide to Baidu Webmaster Tools to help non-Chinese readers understand how to navigate the platform and get the most value out of it — without having to know a single word of Chinese!

This way you make decisions based off of data instead of going in blindly. The first thing you need to do after you login to GWT (it’s free to sign up) is to add your website.

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