Vb net turn off screen updating


There is no design, obviously you'll have to create a Windows Forms Application with either VB or C#.

_ Public Enum EXECUTION_STATE As UInteger ' Determine Monitor State ES_AWAYMODE_REQUIRED = &H40 ES_CONTINUOUS = &H80000000UI ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED = &H2 ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED = &H1 ' Legacy flag, should not be used.

Screen Updating = True THe error is Compile error, Method or data member not found Anyone has a clue what the problem is?

By Vladimir Ananyev Issue I need to open an assembly and do some processing that takes some time. Note: Inventor 2009 added an application property named Screen Updating. Make sure to set it to False after the processing is finished.

But it also works even if you run your Automation code from Word itself.

Word does not need to display itself in order to run.

EXE process.) How much of a difference does invisibility make?

Set Style is defined in the Control class, and ultimately (or actually, somewhere half-way up) Form inherits from that class. These enums are there to control the way the screen is refreshed / redrawn, and are generally used to avoid flicker. doesn't pop up intelli sense for the Set Style method; it's there, although you cannot see it. NET 2002/2003 Basics section of the Wrox Programmer to Programmer discussions.NET, that is), there was a way to suppress a form refresh (Auto Refresh/Auto Redraw form property? I used to do this with multimedia programs I was working on at the time in VB3, as I recall. NET Windows application is selectively hiding, unhiding, enabling, and/or disabling some 70-80 interface objects and the form appears to be refreshing after each one is changed.The coolness factor of watching each object appear or disappear in order on the screen goes away rapidly after the 3rd or 4th time through.I also believe the automatic refresh after every interface change is slowing down processing as well, particularly considering the number of objects on the form that are redrawn every time.Auto, Set Last Error = true)] private static extern int System Parameters Info(int u Action, int u Param, string lpv Param, int fu Win Ini); private const Int32 SPI_SETSCREENSAVETIMEOUT = 15; The above sub makes use of the Set Thread Execution State API. Enabled = True 'Start Timer End Sub We enable the timer and this, via the help of the System Parameters Info API, postpones the screen from entering sleep mode for 5 minutes at each recursion.

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