Updating paths is incompatible with switching branches forcing

https:// * Fixed issue #2935: Icon overlay not shown for files on network UNC paths * Fix possible crash in Tortoise Git Merge when applying patch = Release 2.4.0 = Released: 2017-01-31 == Major change == * TGit Cache and icon overlays are case sensitive now == Features == * Fixed issue #2505: Add support for bisect skip * Fixed issue #2757: Allow to use quotes in command line arguments, like /logmsg:"Some text ""Quoted text"" another text" * Fixed issue #2849: Optimize include and exclude paths for context menu and overlay icons We synced the include/exclude paths code with Tortoise SVN. Some people might need to update their include/exclude paths, see our manual for more information.

_example_) * Fixed issue #2960: libgit2 fails to resolve absolute symlinks * Fixed issue #2963: Rebase dialog does not change "Start (Fast Fwd)" button during rebase process * Fixed issue #2968: Active urls in output windows opened when hitting ESC * Fixed issue #2985: Tortoise Git hangs when prematurely double clicking on "Please wait..." * Fixed issue #2979: gitignore patterns are always treated case sensitively for overlay icons * Fixed issue #2998: Resizing dialogs might lead to extension of clickable checkox area * Significant TGit Cache rewrite which reduces disk access and fixes other issues: * Fixed issue #2989: TGit Cache: Significantly reduce refresh requests send to Windows Explorer (causing Explorer to freeze) * Fixed issue #2766: TGit Cache: Icon Overlay might show ignored files as non-versioned * Fixed issue #2818: TGit Cache: overlays sometimes blink in and out of existance for several minutes at a time * Fixed issue #1242: TGit Cache might fall into an (endless) refresh loop * Symlinks are not shown as modified any more * Missing index is not an error condition, but need to be handled like an empty index * Shell overlay cache: Don't show file with unversioned icon * Fixed issue #3002: Push underlined hotkey is missing in log window.

Ubuntu/Debian based systems have a convenient way of installing build-depends for any package: Ubuntu Software under the "Downloadable from the Internet" section.

For Ubuntu/Debian, Gabor Loki has provided a custom PPA with the sedkit-env-webkit meta package that installs all required dependencies for building Qt/Qt Web Kit.

= Release 2.5.0 = Released: 2017-07-23 == Major change == * VS2017 is used for building Tortoise Git On x64 versions of Windows, the Tortoise Git context menu and overlays won't show for pure 32-bit applications in their file-open/save dialogs until you install the 2015 C-runtime for x86. id=52685 (select the vc_redist.x86file for download). == Features == * Fixed issue #2931: Make "Change List" grids in "Git synchronization" multi-selectable * Update Scintilla to 3.7.5 * Fixed issue #2949: Don't hide "Show log" button when fetch/pull was not successful * Fixed issue #2619: Add basic support for "git worktree" * Fixed issue #2966: Do not need to confirm cancel out of commit when there are no changes left * Fixed issue #2861: Cloning a repository with many files tracked by git-lfs is extremely slow * Various High DPI optimizations * Update libgit to 2.13.1 * Update zlib to 1.2.11 * Update apr and apr-util * Fixed issue #2988: Add `Show/hide ignore local changes flagged files` in Log Dialog * Fixed issue #2999: Log dialog: Copy tag to clipboard * Fixed issue #2964: Blame: gloss over per-line commit reference if duplicated * Fixed issue #2429: "Abort merge" should allow to select "git reset --merge" * Fixed issue #2448: Tortoise Git Blame: Line Wrapping * Fixed issue #2550: Search functionality on message in the Ref Log window CTRL F and F3 already opened a search dialog, now there also is a search button * Fixed issue #2599: Confusing titles when resolving a rebase or a merge conflict * Fixed issue #3008: Allow to push individual tags * Fixed issue #2973: Allow to compare local and remote tags using Sync Dlg * Fixed issue #2775: Fetch And Rebase doesn't rebase if nothing is fetched It's configurable now whether opening the rebase dialog is skipped if nothing was fetched or current HEAD is up2date or newer * Fixed issue #3016: Add context menus to the header views in three way diff mode to open TMerge again with the diff shown in the corresponding file * Fixed issue #2980: Since Tortoise Git 2.4.0 the icon overlays are case sensitive.

if you really want to change this default, you can disable the advanced setting "Overlays Case Sensitive".

Users are encouraged to upgrade from the other stable series.

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