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This is not an unusual move for Microsoft – the company has routinely discontinued support for products when they hit their 10th birthday – and it’s rare that this happens without a degree of pushback from users.When Microsoft finally ended support for Windows XP in April of 2014, the company had actually supported it for 12 years – and there were still a lot of users unhappy with the move as Windows XP still held an impressive 26 percent of the operating system market at that time (according to data from the Net Market Share Research service).security patches that can help protect your PC from harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software that can steal your personal information.Windows Update also installs the latest software updates to improve the reliability of Windows.” Take a look through your existing software.

When support ends, all updates stop being carried out.

The company may even be looking at the combination of Windows 8 and Office 2013 to convince more people to upgrade both their OS and Office suite around the same time.

April 11 will be a life and death experience for users of Microsoft Windows and Office.

Users will also need a PC with at least a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM for the 32-bit version (2GB for the 64-bit version), at least 3GB of free hard disk space, and a graphics card that can provide at least 1,024-by-576 resolution.

The PC specs shouldn't be a challenge for most users. Vista users have been dropping like flies, most of them likely upgrading to Windows 7 by this point.

For users of Microsoft Windows Vista, Exchange Server 2007, Office Communicator Phone Edition, Office Inter Connect 2007 and several other smaller products, April 11 is the day Microsoft bids goodbye to any further commitment to update and support these products.

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