Tips for dating someone stubborn dating age 50

But if you understand that stubborn people are just afraid of bruising their egos and doing something new, you can make them feel more comfortable -- and convince them to see your side of the story.So how do you deal with a stubborn person without ripping your hair out in the process? As a general rule, someone with a big ego probably doesn't care how their behavior makes you feel, so all those "I feel" statements that you've been taught to use to express your side of things? It's too easy for them to turn your feelings around and blame you for being ~emotional~ rather than taking responsibility, Susan Fee, clinical counselor and author of 101 Ideas & Insights About Resolving Conflict, tells Buzz Feed Life.

In the nascent stages of a relationship everyone tries being nice and caring.

Usually what ends up happening is said stubborn person is perceived not as “driven” but rather as a colossal jerk.

If you have a stubborn person in your life, consider yourself lucky. If you’re talking to a female, before you talk, check out her mood stats. A stubborn person suffers from temporary hearing loss. An opposing opinion should be delivered in small portions. See through it, identify it, acknowledge it (silently in your mind), and take control of how handle the situation.

"If they don't feel heard, they are going to keep talking over you and they'll go on forever," clinical psychologist Andrea Bonior, Ph. Make it clear that you've heard what they have to say, then use that as an opportunity to make your point or move attention away from them.

When talking to someone with a big ego, don't start your sentences with:"I think...""I feel...""I kind of...""I sort of...""I just..."These phrases automatically make you sound like you have less authority, so you're feeding into that person's ego by making it sound like you think your own opinion is less valuable than theirs, says Bonior.

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