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Many of the modern Sony cameras, including the A7S, A5100 and A6000, include a "smooth skin" filter feature.

Here we are today -- a thriving community of gamers with the same desire to quality game on the Xbox with whatever gaming device that best suits them.

Adapting high-precision gaming peripherals to Xbox titles which were designed for low-precision controllers is a very difficult task.

And since we weren’t at Photokina to see it, we figured we’d snap a few pictures and give you a closer look at the next major lens Samsung plans to announce for the NX1.

Salut à tous je viens pour vous faire part de nos créations vidéographiques sur Grand Theft Auto 5.

There are quite a few discussions across the internet about this problem- the solution proposed has been to turn off face detection entirely.

But there are two problems with this.1) We lose the other benefits of face detection, such as autofocus tracking.

I've assembled an incredible engineering team and have a planned shipping date of Q1 2010.

In 1944–1945 he destroyed 18 German vehicles with his Sherman Firefly.

• Caused damage must be at least 20% of the total HP of enemy vehicles. • The player must not hit any allies by direct shots.

2) When the camera isn't recording internally, the live HDMI out still does face detection / skin smoothing, even if face detection is disabled!

This means when sending the camera's feed out to an external recorder, TV, monitor, live internet streamer, etc, we get intermittent skin smoothing that sort of looks like the subject's skin has turned into wax.

-- the closest store to Apple's corporate headquarters.

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