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Ads pay for the website's hosting and for the webmaster's hard work to publish daily updates. 'I was a bit of a tomboy and would rather kick a football around,' she says.

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I bet she didn't understand the lyrics...needless to say she didn't win, left the country and became a Southern Baptist living somewhere in Florida Aqua is the one hit wonder group that will always be remembered for that song...

– Aqua is Denmark’s biggest pop success ever – Aqua has sold in excess of 30 million albums and singles – Aqua has been #1 in more than 35 countries – Aqua has received more than 300 Gold & Platinum Awards – Aqua has given more than 3.500 interviews – Barbie Girl is still in TOP20 ’UK’s most singles sold ever’ – Aqua was the first non-UK band to have three consecutive #1 singles in the UK – Aqua has travelled around the world 6 times and visited more than 25 countries – At year end 1997-1998 Aqua sold 950.000 albums in 1 week!

– The new single ‘Back To The 80’s’ went straight #1 on Danish Radio on the first day – Lene is left handed – Lene hates wearing underwear – Lene believed she was gonna marry Shakin Stevens when she grew up – Lene has broken her left collar bone 2 times – Lene believes in the theory of quantum physics – Lene is a tree hugger – Lene flirts to break the ice – Lene has a huge temper – Lene has started acting – Lene is dead scared of snakes – Claus is colour blind – Claus once was a member of an industrial electro metal band who sampled from splatter movies such as Evil Dead – Claus is afraid of getting his head under water after a near fatal diving experience in the Maldives – Claus likes cognac and sprite – Claus dislikes cabbage – Claus grew long hair and whore big knitted sweaters like a high school teacher for a couple of years after Aqua split up – Claus always has to pee 5 minutes before a show – Claus bikes around town in Copenhagen, way faster than a car – Claus hates to be the centre of attention – Claus likes to keep people guessing – All members of the band made an “end of world tour” tattoo in New Zealand in 1999 – Soren’s biggest interest besides music is Quantum physics – Back to the 80s is recorded in 14 different versions.

02/10/2011 : Nystrom Lene (Aqua) is announced as one of the coaches on the Danish version of real-TV show The Voice, along with Steen Jrgensen, Sharin Foo and L. You can see the photos of the shooting on their official Facebook page.17/11/2010 : In an interview for Danish Television, Lene Nystrom told that Aqua just finished recording a brand new album and that they had plans to release it next spring.

More infos here22/01/2011 : Lene Nystrom (Aqua) shot a commercial for a Norwegian brand in South Africa.

Best known for his work with a Northern European dance band called Aqua, this Danish vocalist released numerous hit songs, including "Barbie Girl," "My Oh My," "Around the World," and "Turn Back Time." After Aqua disbanded in 2001, he released several solo recordings.

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