Piercing intimidating titan


It just looks like he lost his touch or somehow his abilities were downgraded. RATING: 7-10 Artist: @artuniverse6 spiderman spidermanhomecoming Chill, Goals, and Instagram: Girl who I was originally scared of because she looked really intimidating and lowk like an instagram baddie but got to know vaguely and is actually a super cool person and lowkey goals and really chill starter pack @apatheticgoth666 TAB 11 9 XIANAX Tru Animals, Memes, and Petty: beautyandthepriest concept: instead of hedwig, Harry goes into the pet store and this little snake in the back of the store talks to him, obviously gets his attention more than the other animals, and harry feels sorry for it so he takes it home.(For those of you wondering this movie does take place AFTER Civil War). It felt a little forced and I didn't see how or when she became attracted to Peter. Then the snake helps Harry throughout his years at hogwarts as harry carries it wrapped around his hand all like pssssst, haaarryyy, the dark lord isss coming sss or just petty shit like haaaarrryy, now is the time, assskkk out cho chaaannngg A hogwartsaheadcanon The snake getting really agitated in second year and Harry like Aw what's wrong little friend?Your emotions were in a rut and you already wished for the day to end, before it had begun.You tilted your head to the side, watching the second hand gently tick across the clock with no want of getting up anytime soon.

Loved the small plot twist in the dynamic of Peter's character and how it tied into the Vulture. *POTENTIAL SPOILER* He even admitted to sort of being afraid of heights at one point.

YOU ARE READING Fanfiction Meet Levi, a man considered to be a emotionless and heartless human being.

With his sharp and intimidating eyes he usually keeps his distance from others, almost as if he chooses to isolate himself from other people and their unnecessary feelings. The morning felt more groggier than usual, almost as if your body was trying to warn you of the exasperating day that was yet to come.

The attack costs 2d6 but the Ash Wolf gains 1d6 damage to its attack. Once per day, a vortex like a tornado spirals up from the forest fire, then arcs and falls upon an area 20' in radius within 80', unleashing a firestorm.

All creatures within the area are attacked (MAG vs.

The Ash Wolf never leaves a trail of any kind, and cannot be tracked. The Ash Wolf's teeth are so sharp that it always scores a critical hit on a successful attack.

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