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I just got this notice email from my publisher Denise Camacho at Intrigue publishing. I've also heard about Amazon monopolizing the industry in slow increments. (Sorry that the Amazon page visuals didn't come through--that was for security reasons).And what's this about Amazon attempting to buyout Barnes & Nobel or take over their stores in some type of merger? When you go to a product page on Amazon, the ADD TO CART Buy Box is the default offer. Where books are concerned, the default Buy Box has always belonged to the publisher.Also, when it comes to the male users, 80% of men adds women more than women adds men.Social networking sites are different than each other because they all try different ways to attract potential users.When you buy a book, Amazon pays the publisher 45% of the list price.

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Puis j’ai accédé au plus haut niveau : la Coupe du Monde, d’ailleurs l’adaptation n’a pas été des plus facile.

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Social networking sites according to the study in the internet, are addicting because you can stalk someone and see the photos of your friends from different locations, add a lot of friends as a competition against your friends, play games with your friends on some social networking sites and the excitement of putting a “status” is indeed exciting.

As many of the 4th year high school students use these social networking sites as a way to increase their friendship with others, some have become addicted to it.

Here’s why: Amazon, once again, is attempting to drive down the value of books, and therefore intellectual property and creative work in general.

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