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Instead, Kenny keeps his cool and explains to Lee why his actions are upsetting him.But while all eyes are on them, Bryan is smooth talking his way into Rachel's heart. Kenny and Lee continue to take jabs at each other when Rachel leaves.This revelation comes as a surprise to Jack, who thought their relationship was progressing.Jack's early departure helps Rachel see who she's really moving forward with.RELATED: Rachel Lindsay Cracks Under 'Pressures' of Being First Black Bachelorette as Accusations of Racial Targeting Fly How did you open yourself up to dating men of different backgrounds?Most people are meeting me for the first time on national TV.

Rachel still has to go on a one-on-one date before the rose ceremony.Here's an exclusive preview of ' Bachelorette' star Rachel riding horses on a one-on-one date in Beverly Hills with Anthony. But for 27-year-old Anthony Battle, joining Lindsay for a one-on-one that involved riding horses and shopping on Rodeo Drive was, well, his first rodeo.That's not something you often see on Rodeo Drive! I was right there with him last March, when USA TODAY got an exclusive glimpse of what the June 5 episode of ABC’s For one, I learned that there’s a lot of sitting around.It's a chance to give the world a little love, and could result in getting some back!Register today and gain access to all our up-coming dating Rachel Lindsay made history as the show’s first Black lead.

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