Not slimserver updating


Are you seeing this issue with hardware players, too? I'm pretty sure there's a problem with the https support in some regards (eg. But I don't know why this would cause a track to end a few seconds from the end, in particular as mp3 should not involve any transcoding.It's easy and basically just a few mouse clicks starting on the Spotify settings page: You better don't use Spotify on your SB as the alarm clock until the migration is fully done :-).I plan to roll out these changes Tuesday next week.Here's some good news for to start in the weekend: Early next week I'm going to roll out a major overhaul of the official Spotify app for the Squeezebox.Which basically means: you'll have an experience which is much closer to Spotify's official offerings. browsing playlists, genres and moods, suggestions of the moment (currently "TGIF! Now before anyone asks: unfortunately no, we still cannot stream to your SB Classic, SB Receiver, SB Boom, or Transporter.

Install the ick Stream plugin in LMS (Logitech Media Server) and approve the terms of use for the Squeezebox player types in your setup.This new option allows Squeezebox fans to keep growing their ecosystem with UE Smart Radio devices running the Squeezebox platform.Just like for Squeezebox Radio users considering to update their device to the UE Smart Radio experience, there are some important differences to consider before proceeding.There's one more important change: before you can use the new Spotify implementation with your Squeezebox, you'll head over to to give the account access to your Spotify account.After you've entered username and password, you'll need to go through Spotify's authentication process.The firmware code is packaged with Squeezebox Server.

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