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Did you always think you'd meet Mr Right but have found yourself still single at 40? Beauty therapists poked their heads out of scented rooms just to catch a glimpse of me. He will live an hour away from where you live, minimum.

If you believe the statistics - such as women who are single at 40 have just a 2.6 per cent chance of getting married - you're probably thinking it's way too late to settle down. In her new book, Shane Watson describes how she met the man of her dreams and married, for the very first time, at 43. Not long ago, I was mobbed on a visit to my local beauty salon. The reason for my iconic status is this: I - a contented singleton, who once even wrote an article on Why I'm Glad I'm Not Getting Married - got hitched recently, for the first time, in my mid-40s. Not only that, but I also the man I married in my 40s. In other words, if someone like me can do it, then anyone can. And what lessons can I pass on to other single women who really do want to find Mr Right one day and not just Mr Gigantic Compromise? He will be wearing a shiny suit and, possibly, a brown shirt.

Women build strong emotional connections really fast.

It’s easy for them to get close to a guy and confuse the bond with love.

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It’s bad enough being second best to your schoolmate at sports as a 13-year-old; how much worse to feel completely eclipsed as a 33-year-old by your brother’s high-flying career or your sister’s perfect partner?

But sibling envy in adulthood is a stagnant, secretive emotion that finds its insidious expression in anger and Schadenfreude.‘There’s always going to be a little bit of jealousy between siblings, which is a normal part of human nature, but when that turns into envy it brings out the absolute worst in people,’ says Karen Doherty, a mother of four and co-author of the new book Sibling Rivalry: Seven Simple Solutions.

‘Sibling envy is like a festering wound and it sours our relationships to the point where we can’t bear the idea of our siblings being successful, or even happy, and instead take pleasure in their failures.’Zoe, 38, admits that she can barely look her elder sister in the eye sometimes, such is the depth of the resentment she feels.

#2 They love any man who can give them emotional support. Want to steal a girlfriend, just give her a shoulder to lean on. [Read: How to make a girl with a boyfriend like you] #3 Women favor the gene pool.

They instinctively want to favor the gene pool and play their part for Mother Nature by constantly picking other dating and mating potentials. They fall in love too fast with just about anyone who shows affection.

Yet as far as you're concerned, this fortress is a normal precaution for vetting partners. Then time passed, you settled into a routine and now you are mistress of the You Won't Get Past Me checklist.

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