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Make sure the user account has sufficient permissions to manage galleries and albums, and upload images.

I am able to set a feature image from the nextgen gallery without problems… Before writing this answer, I’ve tried to replicate the issue for the last time, and while I was on the admin panel, I received a theme update notification, installed it (3.4.3) and now it’s finally working properly!Please refer to Next GEN Help Documentation for help with your galleries.It was not until I became more familiar with Word Press and its flexibility did I realize how much dimensions matter.path of the XMLRPC service in your Word Press system, normally this should be set as /You can test this your parameters by copying and pasting the Server URL value into your web browser's address bar - the browser should open your Word Press blog's home page. Enter the concatenated URL the web browser's address bar - you should receive the following message: This means you have specified the parameters correctly, and the XMLRPC service is enabled.There is an online tool at it, which you can use to send an empty POST request to your site. This is usually the case with shared hosting environments. A frequent cause of upload and connection related errors is the mod_security module.

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