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Nudists who use the designated site at Budleigh beach (pictured, right) have asked for it to be relocated due to the disappearance of shingle there.But town councillors in the resort said beachgoers shedding clothes did not fit its ‘oldy-worldy’ image - and that naked bathers get ‘too close for comfort’ to fully-clothed families.But, as the sun was beginning to dip over the horizon, engineers finally hoisted the statue and positioned her in place.Ilfracombe mayor Lynda Courtnadge said: "There was initial curiosity and now there is history in the making.Damien Hirst's controversial statue of a naked, pregnant woman wielding a sword has taken her place on a Devon seafront.

It’s something that Meagan Good, the actress who portrayed Mya, can relate to — and then some.Cameras and video equipment is not generally permitted in the workshop space.IF THE VIDEO showing the workshop does not appear above, and you want to see it, you can view it on You Tube Jan's workshops offer a safe and nourishing space where you can explore the essence of human relationships.“We did not have a nudist beach and I would personally be very happy for us not to have one again. “My view is they’ll have to go somewhere else.” The nearest alternative to place to enjoy the beach in the buff is along the South West Coast Path at Weston Mouth, which is listed online among ‘clothes-free beaches’ at “We are a slightly quaint, oldy-worldy seaside resort. More than 7,000 people have backed a campaign to save two theatres in north Devon from closure, amid fears the area will become a “cultural wasteland” without them.

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