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This is a collection of stories from my life." An accurate depiction of the inner mechanisms of my mind while reading: I LOVE The Big Bang Theory. Even if I weren't a giant fangirl, I would've given it five stars.It has its flaws, but the writing's sharp and witty and I ship Shamy like mad. It starts when Kunal's in India, then his college years in America, how he landed the part of Raj, and ending with his marriage to Neha, Miss India. The writing's solid and Kunal has this dry wit that positively springs off the page.We’ve talked a bit before about where to find guys to date, as well as on dating at the office, but in terms of general advice on dating when you’re busy, I don’t really think we’ve gone there. (And, my usual caveat applies: apologies in advance for every time I say “he” or “him” or “the guy” — I really do mean “your prospective date” or “the person you’re dating.”) I’ll start by saying that I met my husband in 2007, when I was a fifth-year associate — it would have been a ton easier had I met him in law school or even at the office, but, alas. A few tips from my experience: – If you’re going to do it, do it.Commit to spending a little bit of time every day doing something to further the hunt, whether it’s reading a self-help book, shopping for boys online, saying “YES” to that friend’s party when you’d really rather just stay home and do your laundry, or, if you have to work on the weekend, to taking your work to a coffee shop to work rather than at your apartment or office (work permitting).

Specifically, making time to date when you’re a busy, professional woman and/or how to meet men when you’re a busy, professional woman.It was written with the intention of speaking to what it feels like to be a young woman right now, who’s trying to balance a career drive, a romantic drive, all those things at the same time.It’s specific to our times right now, [but] at the same time, there’s something universal about the quest for love, of course, and the quest to have it all.to look forward to every Tuesday night, and especially with the division occurring right now in the United States, I’m incredibly happy to have this fun, goofy show back in my life.And “fun” and “goofy” are the perfect words to describe most of “Ready.” Tonight’s half hour is similar to ‘s last new episode, “Jaipur Aviv,” which aired back in October; like that installment, it’s pretty light on story and big moments, opting instead for different but dynamic character pairings that allow most of the members of the loft to be their weird, neurotic selves.And since Dan is a shitty boyfriends expert, we had to ask: Team Fitz or Jake?

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