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Are you swiping your way through all of the dating apps your phone can handle but still haven’t found someone you’d want to be in a loving, monogamous relationship with for the rest of your life?

Allow Lady Dynamite’s Maria Bamford, who met her husband on OKCupid, to share her secrets.

I thought I was just looking for a giggle, but by the time Louis C. travels to Afghanistan and a duckling wobbles out into a gun-lined gulf between nations, eliciting laughter, I realized that this show wasn’t just loosening the pain in my chest, it was opening a hole there and filling me with the kind of globalized compassion that allows Buddhist monks to grow new neurological pathways.

The narcissism of my mid-life shenanigans made this feat—to feel empathy? When, two years later, I still found myself “in the process of helping my mother move,” it was Maria Bamford who distracted me from obsessing about nuclear attacks and earthquakes in the middle of the night. The premise of —“After being sighted by a homeless Comedy Central fan in Detroit, where she was selling clock radios on the sidewalk, she retreated to her parents’ home in Minnesota”—was my story, too, albeit with a bit of a twist: In her 2012 Netflix show, a performance recorded in her home, for an audience of only her parents, Maria describes her online dating profile as follows: “I can wear the same outfit for five days or I can crouch down in the shower and make myself real small.” This list of skills was uncannily similar to my own range of abilities at that time.

Vulture had Bamford walk us through the nitty-gritty of the wonderful series. Because I have no energy and so there’s something funny about that. What happened is Mitch Hurwitz, who has a deal with Netflix, liked my comedy and asked if I had any show ideas.

I usually get so embarrassed by that, like, “Yes, I have a vision!

And so we met for about four to five salads — and those were all free, by the way — and then he wanted to work with a certain writer and director, Pam Brady, who worked on Team America as well as South Park. It’s not that she doesn’t mean everything she says.

“I hope I don’t embarrass you when I say, ‘You are my favorite comedian on the planet Earth,’” Stephen Colbert told Maria Bamford when she stopped by his show back in June.

Though not everyone is telling her that on network television, it’s a sentiment shared by many, especially comedians, and now Bamford is ready to become your favorite as well.

She worked with Mitch Hurwitz (whom she first worked with on Arrested Development’s season four) to create Lady Dynamite, a semiautobiographical comedy, which premieres on Netflix today, May 20.

Since then she has made her own DVDs like The Burning Bridges Tour, How to WIN! She has further gone to appear in series like Comedy Bang! , Bo Jack Horseman, Arrested, The Comedians of Comedy, Comedy Central Presents, Comic Remix, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

, Late Friday, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!

I realized then that making humor of my current state was the only thing that broke through the thick haze of my anxiety and depression that didn’t involve drugs or exercise.

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