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Although Irshad's family isn't aganist her dating, they have taken things into their own hands."My parents and my grandparents are constantly asking other people, anyone they meet 'do you know anyone good for my daughter? Irshad says her parents aren’t pushing her into a marriage, rather "helping" in the process.“But of course it’s not nearly as expensive as Paris.”It can be hard to justify paying €1,000 a month to live in a 6m² studio (also known as a closet) with a shared bathroom in Paris when you can live in relative luxury in Rennes for only €470.

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“I have a smorgasbord of friends coming from Algeria, Morocco, Iran, Belarus, France, Greece, Brazil, Tunisia, Syria, and so forth.”In Rennes you’ll never have a problem finding a place to faire la fête, whether you’re looking to make some English-speaking friends in a jovial Irish pub or have a quiet glass of rouge in a typical French setting. Extremists have targeted the city a number of times in the past decade.The wounds were still fresh from this year’s assault on a satirical magazine and Jewish market when Friday’s attacks unfolded.We wondered why France now has become such a target.Former New York Times Paris bureau chief Elaine Sciolino has been writing from France since 2002.“You know Montmartre (in Paris) with its little streets and the village feel?

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