A week earlier, she had approached Pioneer Press editor Mike Burbach, telling him she'd take a buyout after a decade as the paper's cops and courts reporter.

Mohr, 35, was by far the youngest of six employees leaving the paper.

Finally there was no other choice except to break away from this organisation and found a new organisation which could meet the demands and aspiration of the people (p.130) Firebrace, James ( 1984)However, this is untrue.


Purges within the two fronts also saw a number of people murdered.Paul's west side, someone looked out the window and noticed that a bird had taken up residence on a ledge. Reporters discovered this fact by combing through bankruptcy filings in 2010. For sale: One newspaper, with a small, desperate but dedicated staff, and a Sunday circulation approaching 200,000.It's not that the Pioneer Press isn't making money: Last year, reporters and editors got profit sharing after the penny-grubbers at Alden took their cut. Hedge funds promise their investors returns in the neighborhood of 20 percent. Dave Orrick, an outdoors writer and one of the leaders of the Pioneer Press union, says the "holy shit" moment came last year, when reporters learned their printing plant and downtown office building were being sold. How much of that profit would be invested in the paper? Sale price negotiable, as determined by money men in Manhattan. Orrick and others have heard from prospective buyers, and are hitting up wealthy sources and acquaintances. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_input. Selector .selector_input_interaction .selector_spinner. What people were doing before 1970 was to democratise the nature of the ELF organisation from within, bring new ideas, and criticise their practices.Just last week our beloved mayor Gregor Robertson introduced a vacant homes tax in Vancouver.

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