Jap engine dating

While we all would like our cars to last, sometimes we have bad luck with our engines.

The motor could simply be a lemon, or maybe it burns oil and needs to be replaced.

All Atco motor mowers produced during this period had either Villiers two-stroke or JAP four-stroke engines.

Both engine manufacturers numbered their engines and it is often possible to date a mower from these, bearing in mind that the original motor could have been replaced at a later date.

I would like to keep the vintage pre-war but I don't see much visually different from the 30s bikes and the last of the JAPs, so any small details I would need to attend to that you might point out would be helpful. I see many beautiful restored bikes on your site but personally would walk right past 10 of those to drool on a battered old soldier in "as raced" condition with scars, bruises and makeshift trackside repairs.

Enclosed are a couple pictures, the first bike I made, albeit crude, its inspired by a late teens-early 20s board track racer and was fitted with an engine made from a weed whacker.

The numbering and dating of JAP engines is covered by this list of JAP engine dates and this alternative list of JAP engine dates.

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Thanks, JB Hoffman John says: Hi JB I like the pics of your creations.

It is not easy to date Atco mowers made before 1939 with any precision.

The company does not appear to have numbered its mowers or used any systematic dating process.

USA JB Hoffman says: Greetings John, from Belle Fourche South Dakota, USA (very near Sturgis) John, I am an old retired mechanic/welder and with some time on my hands I dabble in metal art which has taken me to building 1/4 scale motorcycle sculptures inspired by vintage racing bikes.

I am now completing one inspired by the n1923 Ace that Red Wolverton set a speed record nearing 130 mph.

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