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Mountains of India play a key role in forming the ecosystem of the country.

The magical Mountains of India, denoted as the abodes of the gods are famous with tourists due to the fresh air, religious significance, and thrilling adventure sports opportunities.

But cellphone videos of David Dao being banged into armrests as he was dragged down the aisle of United Flight 3411 have given new meaning to the expression “bumped from a flight.”Dr.Small resort hotel, dipped in the green of Sorrento's typical orange and lemon groves.The swimming pool area is the beating heart, with the Bar, the Restaurant and a fantastic citrus Garden, yet together create the feel of an interwoven village where guests can find both a wealth of activity and a peaceful heaven.As in passengers in airplane seats, personnel on the roster, and flights in the air, we might add. Kelly writes, “has three basic parts: Ac- (from ad, ‘to’), and commodare (‘to provide, fit, oblige’), in turn composed of com- (from cum, ‘together,’ here in an intensive sense of ‘altogether’), and modus.”The word has a wide range of meanings: giving someone space, time (“accommodating your schedule”), or flexibility (“accommodating his meal preferences”).The United episode should have been an exchange of one of these for another: “If you can accommodate us by giving up your seat, we can accommodate you on a flight leaving in just an hour.”But when something that starts out as a free-market transaction between buyer and seller ends with a police intervention, it can be hard to remember that the airlines are part of what’s broadly defined as “the hospitality industry.”Was Dao, in a Chicago hospital, receiving “hospitality” – or just medical care? Hospital came into English in the mid-13th century meaning a “shelter for the needy,” according to the Online Etymology Dictionary.It was borrowed from an Old French word meaning “hostel, shelter, lodging,” the dictionary adds, and its ultimate source is a Latin root, hospes, meaning host or guest.

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