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I enjoy giving oral sex and would like to know how I can do this with her. Thanks, Need Info (2) Dear Alice, My partner and I are desperately seeking information regarding safe sex and herpes. First, we want to know if oral sex is a possibility.

I knew enough about sexually transmitted diseases to know that I had herpes, but I didn't know exactly what to do.Although it is not an issue right now, as we get closer and more intimate I am concerned about our sexual relations.I know that wearing a condom will prevent the transmission of herpes, but how can I prevent the transmission if I perform oral sex on her?Genital herpes doesn't detract from your many desirable qualities, which have drawn people to you in the past and will continue to make you a great catch. The first date after a genital herpes diagnosis may seem a little strange, however.And it's important to understand that genital HSV is very common, affecting about 20% of the U. If you hope to be sexually intimate with your date at some point, you may feel like you're keeping a secret. Are you afraid you can spread this to someone else?

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