Group policy not updating xp client


The reason for the issue is that the “Preference” settings now configurable in Group Policy require the installation of Group Policy Client Side Extensions (CSE) on Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server machines.

Once these are installed, the GP preferences will apply as they should.

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Event logs are useful for tracking problems that are caused by this type of hierarchical dependency. The report also gives information about Security Settings, and connection and proxy settings for IE Maintenance. Use gpupdate, which causes policy to be refreshed immediately and permits certain options to be specified on the command line.

Gpupdate replaces and improves on the Windows2000 command secedit /refreshpolicy. For Network Connection issues, see About Network Connections, To configure a connection, and Local area connections overview For possible TCP/IP issues, see To test a TCP/IP configuration by using the ping command, To test TCP/IP connections by using the ping and net view commands, and To trace a path by using the tracert command I want to enable logging.

Did not realize Server 2012 did not support Windows XP Client machines. Been up all night on this one so any help would be greatly appreciated.

I just built a server with 24Gigs of Ram, 2 Quad Core CPUs and 6 hard drives in a RAID 10 Array (2hot swap) inside an Intel SR1625URR rack mount. I'm trying to add the client machines to the new domain and it's not working.

Win2K introduced software installation to Group Policy and provided even more granular control, but an Active Directory (AD) infrastructure is required.

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