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Before you begin Be prepared As with any major upgrade to the core of your Gentoo system, there is always the possibility that unforeseen problems will ensue.

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A minimal (base) Gentoo Linux installation takes a little less than 2 Gbyte of diskspace (including Linux kernel source code and the Gentoo Portage tree, which take about 640 Mbyte in total).

To make yourself an idea of what awaits you (and in case you fell for the "INSTALL GENTOO" maymay): on a 2014 mid-end quad core laptop CPU with 8 GB of RAM, setting up the minimum system (the stage-3 tarball Portage snapshot) will take you about an hour, compiling the kernel an hour and a half (assuming you're cheating with instead of undertaking a manual compilation and fixing an endless series of kernel panics), finishing your basic installation another hour, installing the graphical interface at least 2 hours (because the GUI is an optional component in Gentoo), and installing Google Chrome or Firefox at least 2 hours each while the entire software compiles from source code.

And that's assuming you're the luckiest person in the world and don't run into a single problem, pitfall or having to mess with a poorly documented system component -- if this happens, add at least another 4 hours.

I've waited a few chapters before I started discussing the Gentoo Linux installation because it isn't for the faint of heart.

Although Gentoo has tried to offer a graphical installer in the past, its user- and developer base swore by the manual installation approach.

As a result, the graphical installer has been deprecated and the installation procedure is once more a manual, step by step guide.

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