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The Brand X presenter then described his 14 month marriage to the singer as like being on 'a diet of rice' making his post-divorce dating spree feel like being let loose in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory.Not the most flattering metaphor for Katy, who interestingly enough often dresses as candy and cakes on stage (and never rice), but then the 37-year-old Essex boy is, after all, a comedian... Her dad came from sort of a crazy background, and her mom went to Berkley in like the sixties.

“I want dessert.” Four hours later, Dani brought out a fully decorated 2 layer Oreo Cream Cake for her new Hubby.

(Image from the Free Dictionary.) The innermost layer(s) of the uterus is called the . These freshly exposed vessels on the surface are what is bleeding during your period.

The endometrium is the non-muscle part of the uterus and is typically the part we think of shedding each month during a period, but that’s not exactly what happens. But the WBCs don’t digest the entire functional layer.

The muscular wall has three separate layers of muscle, each layer containing fibers running in a unique direction — right to left, up and down, and crisscross — a series you see over and over again in the body (e.g. This process is called , which means to scrape the scales off a fish. You already know that your body, like a snake, is constantly desquamating, right?

the layers of your abdominal and rib-moving muscles are oriented like this as well). The WBCs secrete digestive enzymes that break the dead tissue away, a process that also removes some of the blood vessels just beneath the dying lining.

This is exactly what husband and wife team, Dani & Len had intended to do and their friends were the Ginnie pigs! A Husband and Wife Team, Len & Dani Johnson are self taught entrepreneurs.

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