Fiction books about teenage dating violence my daughter is dating a loser


This adds to a body of research suggesting that teen dating violence "is a substantial public health problem," says the study, in today's Pediatrics.

About 20% of both girls and boys said they experienced only psychological violence; 2% of girls and 3% of boys said just physical. When researchers analyzed data from the same young adults five years later, they found notable differences:• Girls victimized by a teen boyfriend reported more heavy drinking, smoking, depression and thoughts of suicide.• Boys who had been victimized reported increased anti-social behaviors, such as delinquency, marijuana use and thoughts of suicide.• Those of both sexes who were in aggressive relationships as teens were two to three times more likely to be in violent relationships as young adults.

A perfect time for teenagers who are beginning to date to gain an understanding of the signs and realities of physical and emotional abuse, which can occur within a relationship.

The powerful Delacorte/Random House young adult book, "Die for You" by Amy Fellner Dominy, explores the subtle, insidious danger of mental and emotional abuse in teenage dating.

After eighteen-year-old Annie becomes unexpectedly pregnant, she marries her boyfriend, but slowly realizes that he is abusive and that she must decide what she can and will do about the relationship and to keep her daughter and herself safe.

Includes information on the characteristics of abusive relationships and how to end them.

When she is abandoned by her alcoholic mother, high school senior Ruby winds up living with Cora, the sister she has not seen for ten years, and learns about Cora's new life, what makes a family, how to allow people to help her when she needs it, and that she too has something to offer others Jenny accepted a ride home from what appeared to be a nice boy, but his intentions become clear when he pulled into a deserted factory road and threatened her with a knife.

After a long time worrying, she finally tells her parents about the rape, but finds that her waiting to tell has made the situation even more complicated.

Davy, afraid that his dad will find him, flees to father and his father's boyfriend, seventeen-year-old Ben, angry and resentful about the changed circumstances of his life, begins to notice something is not quite right with the little boy next door and determines to figure out what is going on.When two of sixteen-year-old Pete's childhood classmates disappear from a carnival the same night, he is a suspect, but his own investigation implicates other old friends he was with that evening--and a tough, knife-wielding enemy determined to keep him quiet.Harmon lives the perfect life as the wife of a prominent city attorney and the mother of two teenage children, but her perfect world is destroyed when her son becomes addicted to drugs and her family struggles to support his recovery.The novel tells the story of Emma, a high school senior who must decide how much to sacrifice for the boy she thinks she loves.Dominy's tale offers insight and sensitivity while exploring a seldom talked about issue for teenage relationships."In this delicate, tense exploration of teenage relationship abuse …"They help them develop a sense of identity, a sense of autonomy.""This study is useful in exploring a range of consequential health outcomes that may be associated with teen dating violence," says Peggy Giordano, a sociologist who studies adolescent development at Bowling Green State University in Ohio.

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