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THIS BEACH IS HAUNTED reggieandme summer mood benepla shaggy wearing a knee length flowery dress... FOR THE SLOOTS Memes, Fuck, and Power: bex tk liked dignified paladin's comment: a bex tk Keith is a power bottom confirmed 2h (LAUGHING NERvous LY) What the fuck?

" I've talked to several female friends about this and they all confirm the same thing - they join a new app, go out on a date or two, and never use it after.

Now, I have noticed that in the last few months most dating platforms have become virtual graveyards of untouched profiles.

This is especially true with GPS based apps - happn, tinder, Bumble, etc.

Him: With a sad clown skyping via satellite Her: Damn skippy home slice, sing it with me all night. throwawa 08 points 2 hours ago You two look like the kind of assholes who bamboozle a subreddit.

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Each individual seed has in by itself the facility to generate its personal harvest.

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