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The WORST thing you can do is hesitate and draw out asking her to meet you again. If you’re really serious about getting more dates than you can handle, you really need to learn my secrets.

Lots of girls will begin to wonder if you’re really interested if you don’t ask her out. You could be letting the woman of your dreams slip through your fingers if you don’t act right this second.

Hey Joseph, I was reading The Art of Approaching, under the online openers. (You know I’d never share something with you that DOESN’T work! She’s either not serious or not interested until she commits to a date. Make it something low-pressure so she’ll feel comfortable. This will give you two a chance to get to know each other and see if it’s worth going forward. Lots of guys like to try and go for the phone number right away. I look at the phone number as a “last resort.” This is because you want to get her to go out with you AS FAST AS POSSIBLE.

And the one where you send an email saying how you’re good looking, funny, etc., then modest, I used that on a girl and she responded very well to it. ) But you seem to be running into a common problem that most guys who are dating on the internet eventually run into… You know, the part where you move from online to offline. When it comes to email, the trick is to get her on the phone as soon as possible. If she’s up for it, take her out right then and there.

Perhaps what we least appreciate is that dating has always been hard work, akin to "an unpaid internship for love," writes Weigel.

When we date, we toil as actors in a drama written by society and the lovers who came before us, she observes.

Famous examples of IAC's previous spin-offs include the travel company Expedia (NASDAQ: EXPE), which later spun-off Trip Advisor (NASDAQ: TRIP), Lending Tree (NASDAQ: TREE), Ticket Master, which merged with Live Nation to create Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE: LYV), and Home Shopping Network (NASDAQ: HSNI) to name a few examples.

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