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As competitions produced awards, so came more request for Neil's signature barbecue.In October of 2008, Neil and Phyllis decided to make Bigmista's Barbecue official.At the time the Strawders lived in a two-bedroom apartment, UPSTAIRS, with a balcony.Phyllis, being the supportive and understanding wife that she is, said sure.Brian Kesinger is an American illustrator, author and animator who has worked at Walt Disney Studios for some 16 years. Born into a family of musicians, he was the only one not able to play an instrument.

I've recently picked up and re-read this book as a nice little way to switch off before bed time. He jointly devised the system now used to officially rank international cricketers and lives in London, where he is a keen weekend cricketer and occasional golfer.

He started drawing steampunk art long before the term was coined.

In 2000 he did the layout and background design for Walt Disney's film Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

With a foreword by Tim Rice, this book will change the way you see the world.

Why is it better to buy a lottery ticket on a Friday? And what's the connection between a rugby player taking a conversion and a tourist trying to get the best photograph of Nelson's Column?

Other films he has worked on include Winnie the Pooh, Tarzan, Tangled, Chicken Little, Home on the Range, Bolt and Meet the Robinsons.

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