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Ever wonder why meeting new clients is so easy for some practitioners, but so difficult for others?Have you ever considered why some of your colleagues seem to get repeat business and referrals naturally, while others struggle to keep their clients happy throughout the transaction?Women want to date men who are confident, and vice versa. Likewise, prospects want to work with a practitioner who’s confident.If you think you know what you’re doing, and you’re confident of your abilities, your clients will pick up on it. Then let them know that it’s their turn to make the commitment back to you — in the form of a contract.But while some say that positive thinking is the key to success, thinking alone won't get you there. Online websites (such as, ahem, are deemed a very useful information source by 82% of buyers, while not quite as many (but still a high number: 78%) say the same about their flesh-and-blood real estate agent.

Having scheduled conferences exclusively in the office or over the phone may make your meetings as looked forward to as trips to the dentist (, and schedule around them, wherever they are, and they’ll appreciate the effort.In other words, approach sales like you would a first date.Here are 10 dating rules that you can apply to building your next client relationship.JOSH DUGGAR ADMITS ASHLEY MADISON AFFAIRS AND PORN HABIT “He started with a budget for ,000 for a studio but, for that kind of money, he couldn’t find a place he’d be willing to spend the night in,” said Rose, of Mirador Real Estate.“We ended up in a ridiculously cool apartment in Midtown West with a full-time concierge, two pools and a gym.Real estate agents are required by the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics to honor total honesty and confidentiality with their clients, but desire to not be a rule-breaker shouldn’t be your only motivation toward transparency.

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