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Sims, like people, need things to get by, and must have some direction.

Luckily, there's a wealth of information at your disposal, so you'll always know what to do to lead a Sim in the direction you want him or her to go.

In this mode, you play one Sim (whom you create), and move through various missions and houses.

Your Sim will live with other characters during this time.

This will invite children to your Sim's home and they'll be paid for watching them.

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Cliffski is back with a sleek, sexy update to Positech's life sim game Kudos.

The Sim is called Randy Hottie if your Sim is female, and Roxy Hottie if your Sim is male.

S/he then gets into the hot tub and asks the player's character to join him/her.

Just to the right of that is the vertical aspiration meter, with your Sim's chosen aspiration at the top.

The Sims 3 Generations expansion brings many exciting new possibilities for Sims of all ages.

New Talent - Chemistry Chemistry and Potion Making are a new feature of Generations. So, there are no new skills, but there is something extra to do with one.

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