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You're often busy doing something interesting, and what you do changes quickly.

DONOVAN MCSWAGG AKA MICK SWAGGER AKA REVEREND JESSE SWAGGSON AKA MICHAEL SWAGGTREE AKA BO SWAGGSON AKA PUFF DA MAGIC SWAGGIN Nothin special I just keep it TRILL People think I'm quiet becasue I keep to myself, but I'm just focused, so don't be afraid to speak Real Recognizes Real I am lookin for a down ass right now because I'm on my grown man and I need a female to help me stay focused and on my grizzly ***Your Hidden Talent*** You are both very knowledgeable and creative.

You can have a journal just for you and your friends to read and comment in, a public space that the entire Gaia community can view and respond to, or you could even use your Gaia Journal to keep a private diary all for yourself, that no one else can read.

You could even replace your Live Journal, Xanga, or other weblog with your Gaia Journal. A good place to start is with the Journal Listing button.

You're not truly happy with who you are at times... Try not to hide parts of your life from the people who matter to you. You stick with your friends no matter what, even if you feel like they're doing the wrong thing. And you have friends you've known since you were a kid.As long as you don't stop working on your dreams, you'll get there. If you want to know who the real love of your life is, answer the questions truthfully on this link and you will get a confidential email telling you who the love of your life is..... Expressive and aware, you enjoy finding new ways to share your feelings. Your strength: Your vivid imagination Your weakness: Fear of failure Your power color: Coral Your power symbol: Oval Your power month: November What Does Your Birth Date Mean? You will be remembered for: the exploitation of the masses Life philosophy: "One dollar for eternal happiness? niggas "Some of the best got put to sleep for not respectin the beef"-Yola from SIX-DEUCE MILLER BOYS "A master like splinter when I'm grabbin da mixer. I came up by my lonely now I'm a product of that B-Set" -Jim Jones "Get ya cake up, yall niggas lameduck, you probably get ya game up when I'm givin the game up......... You often feel like you don't fit in - especially in traditional environments. ***What Your Face Says*** At first glance, people see you as driven and ambitious. With friends, you seem dramatic, lively, and quick to react. In stressful situation, you seem like you're oblivious to the stress. I'd be happier with the dollar." The Simpsons Personality Test ***You Are 49% Addicted to Love*** Might as well face it, you're addicted to love. Gosh I love gettin money, it's just in me to be a hustla" -ZB from ILL WIL & WHITT-SET "Don't Beat My Ears Up! I killed 'em like Adolf Hitler out on WILSON AND WHITTIER" -ZB from ILL WIL & WHITT-SET "Oh my god it's him! Yall niggas tryna change up while I'm gettin my change up"-Lil Wayne "Fresh on campus....." -Lil' Wayne "Dear Mr. Got these other haters PISSED cause my TOILET PAPER thick... One that looks good in the morning - without a stich of makeup That's doesn't mean you're a total hippie chic though You have style, but for you, style is effortless When a guy gets to know you, he finds a great catch Problem is... From meeting someone to dating, you usually have your guard up. You tend to be quiet, but when you talk, you tend to make eye contact and describe things in colorful detail.And while you're just holding back, it makes you seem like you've got something to hide. In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved. You are an occasionally envious person, but jealousy doesn't usually get the better of you.Because you're the only one who can look out for yourself! ***Slacker Kid*** High school was a place you showed up occasionally, but you didn't really leave a mark. And the undying passion to keep an Aries coming back for more. ***Your Dating Purity Score: 65%*** You are an under-experienced dater. I share him with the rest of the Paulbearers, bury 'em" Lil' Wayne "52 karats Bugs Bunny all drug money" Lil' Wayne "T-Strangles got da mack man... I'm cookin breakfast for the block then I let her cook mine" -Lil' Wayne "Be a competitor or get out the I got a umbrella and a beretta" -Lil' Wayne "Is it my car, Is it my clothes, That make these hoes wanna fuck fa sho? Or maybe it's these hoes that I done beast, maybe it's your sister or your niece... or how I'm just so throwed and off the leash....

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