Dating old sewing machine Freehot hookup


10/31/51 *****transitional production run 221__ AK 74-79 …..

Later 99k’s had a leaver with numbers and the last models had a lever with a separate number scale.If you see a picture on an auction site and can’t be sure what machine you’re looking at as you can’t ‘see’ it’s a smaller machine, look at the gold Singer badge position; if it’s level or near the stitch length adjuster then it’s the larger 66k but if it’s under the stitch length adjuster (like Daphne, see above) then it’s the smaller 99k machine.Once I’d got over the initial excitement I wanted to see if she worked.I have an old White Family Rotary machine #FR3084622.Vintage sewing machine cabinets range from beautiful antiques to practical, usable, high quality pieces.Since the invention of the first working sewing machine, generally considered to have been the work of Englishman Thomas Saint in 1790, the sewing machine has greatly improved the efficiency and productivity of the clothing industry.

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