Dating in tajikistan


The hospitality of Tajiks is legendary, and you should always respect your role as a guest in the host-guest dynamic.Appearance is crucial: formality is never frowned upon. Family is a good topic for discussion as it is central to the Tajik way of life.Bear in mind that some Tajiks may know little of Western culture, in spite of the indelible influence of the Soviet era.Obviously, sensitivity to Islamic mores is also crucial, although the brand of Islam found in Tajikistan is quite 'secular' - perhaps due to Tajikistan's status as a former Soviet republic (due also to the fact that Tajikistan is officially a secular republic).Humour is particularly used at the table during meals only when relationships are well developed.Common sense should guide your comments and questions.

Despite the growing presence of cell phones, tight jeans, pin heels and western reality television shows in Tajikistan, many young Tajiks remain in thrall to traditional ways of courtship.Some of the women profiles you see here might be scams to collect money.REMEMBER, women who is really interested in you will never ask for money. The natural environment, too, is generally beautiful -- the sky is very blue and mountains line all horizons, but there are few trees and no grass here in the city.Perhaps out of habit from the days of the Soviet Union, the Tajik people seem to care much more about preserving their culture --their national dress, the national dishes, their commitment to Islam--than about bettering their country as a whole--the economy, the roads and the buildings, for instance. Whatever the case, Tajik culture is still very rich -- remarkable that it survived the uniformity of the Soviet Union.Hello, I'm interesting, I help people, I love music and travel. Also my hobby is reading, coocking, drawing, and writing. Most of all I love to write my own world view, richestlove my kids (they are adults), like to travel and generally enjoy life If I loved a man, completely devote themselves to him.

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