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Corning adapted their process for making light bulbs to making clear glass ornaments, which were then shipped to Eckardt's factories to be decorated by hand.The fact that Shiny Brite ornaments were an American-made product was stressed as a selling point during World War II.Paradise trees later found their way into homes, where they were adorned with small white wafers, and later, small pastries cut into stars, angels, hearts and flowers.During the next 200 years, this custom slowly spread throughout Germany and Europe.Decorated trees were brought to America by Hessians – German mercenaries – fighting in the Revolutionary War. Woolworth of five-and-dime fame had reluctantly stocked his stores with German-made ornaments in 1880.Christmas wasn't widely celebrated in the United States until the 1800s, however, because of the Puritans' influence. By 1890, he was selling million worth of ornaments at nickel and dime prices.Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: Sponsored Products are advertisements for products sold by merchants on

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Although our full-size Vintage Christmas Displays will only be in place through February, we do maintain large, permanent booths of Antique & Vintage Christmas ornaments year-round at all our locations for that much-needed mid-year 'Christmas Fix'!In 1937, Max Eckardt established Shiny Brite ornaments, working with the Corning Glass company to mass-produce glass Christmas ornaments.Eckardt had been importing hand-blown glass balls from Germany since around 1907, but had the foresight to anticipate a disruption in his supply from the upcoming war.We have couples Christmas ornaments that show happy partners on vacation, sharing a bottle of wine, proposing, traveling, fishing, dancing, camping, skiing, showing their love of sports and their favorite team, and many more.Whatever you love to do together, there's an ornament to celebrate it and you can have any of our ornaments personalized with your names, special dates and/or a meaningful saying.Also Shopper Girl figures and planters, Angels, Elves, Pixies, Choir Children, NOEL letters and more!

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