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In our exclusive interview with the FLIPPED star, Callan discusses his dissimilarities with Bryce, his nerve-wracking kissing scene, his acting background, his musical tastes and even his sweet tooth. Other than the fact that he’s a boy, and I’m a boy, it’s pretty different because of the period setting of the late 50s, early 60s. I did a bit of musical theater for my school, and I really enjoyed that, but I think I much prefer acting for screen because it’s way easier, for one, and you can do it as many times as you want. For theater, it’s all one shot, and you’re in front of an audience, which is really nerve-wracking.

With a wise maturity beyond his years, a solid ambition to be a versatile actor and unmistakable natural talent (which you’ll experience firsthand when you catch FLIPPED in theaters), Callan makes one excellent Actor2Watch4. I’m a bit lazy, so I’m into the technology and stuff, and I sit around and play Xbox with my friends all day. I used to be able to sing, but I’m not sure if I can anymore. Since, we’re on the subject of musicals, I’m going to ask you some quick questions about music if that’s all right.

“The Great Gatsby” actor Callan Mc Aauliffe has been set as the lead in ABC Family’s supernatural drama pilot “Beyond,” the network announced Tuesday.

Mc Auliffe plays Holden, a young man who has awakened from a 12-year coma only to discover that he now has supernatural abilities.

Read on to see why we’ve completely flipped for Callan Mc Auliffe. Definitely the fact that it was my first American audition and that it was a Rob Reiner film. They didn’t have that sort of stuff back then so everything was a lot more active, and everyone was a lot more open. is a really great coming-of-age story that has touched a lot of readers, and I think the film will do the same for audiences as well. I was Oliver in my school musical, and I think we had to drop the entire musical down an octave illegally for me, about three years ago.

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