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[Fry looks down and sees his trousers have fallen around his ankles.A cat and baby have struck up the purrr-fect friendship - after the feline found out she could use him as a toy.[Doug, the Hellbot with the saxophone, hangs his head in shame.] Let's take it from the top. They land at the Robot Devil's feet.] Ah, Bender, Fry. Robot Devil: Hell is full of ten-year-olds who wanted exactly the same thing.Trouble is, you have what my old music teacher, Mrs. [He twiddles his own fingers then slaps them.] With hands like that you'll be lucky to master a belt buckle.They have been made as crude, rudimentary playthings as well as elaborate art.

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In “Playthings,” from agency Mc Cann New York, two little boys enjoy a playdate by having an epic dildo fight on the front lawn while their horrified mothers look on.The independent schools are undertaking the educational equivalent of fracking, pulverising their bedrock and destroying it for the sake of a quick buck.Two years ago I wrote a piece in the Telegraph saying that the independent sector was writing its own suicide note on the bills it was sending out.The four-month-old appears completely unbothered by the cute bundle of fluff clawing away at his feet.The clip was filmed by proud mom Angie Sapik, from South Range, Wisconsin and posted online where it has racked up tens of thousands of views."No Trespassing", "Keep Out", "Private", "Keep Out Bender" and a picture of Bender with a cross through it.] I choose to not understand these signs. Remember when I had those stomach worms that made me smart? Everyone sits down and watches the boy with the untidy hair play Beethoven's Für Elise on his holophonor.

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