Dating a rockstar help average months of dating before engagement

After we were full on yummy food and great root beer πŸ™‚ we headed out to do some Rock Climbing!

This is something we love to do and haven’t had the chance in a long time.

I found a local indoor climbing wall that would let us come and do it at our pace.

When you find a gym double check to make sure they have all the equipment for you!

The Sportsplex near us was perfect for us because we could just wear our own shoes and they had an auto belay.

Joey; Fine but I'm not staying out there the whole time.

I'll signal you when it's time to come on ok?

Things go awry when the two share an intimate moment, and Jordan his deported to India on trespassing charges filed by Heer's husband.

Now an angry painful and lonely JORDAN embarks on his journey to become...

In the process of which, he meets Heer, a tough on the outside and popular college girl, the both become friends, and as time passes by his dreams of music fade away as they spend time together.

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