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Introduction This opinion addresses the request of defendant Curran Composites, Inc.

That consent provision clearly provides for this court to exercise personal jurisdiction over Curran in a dispute “involving or relating to the business of the partnership or a violation by the partner ․ of a duty to the partnership or any partner of the partnership” and also gives Curran sufficient notice that it could face suit here in the event of such a dispute.

Although Curran raises a number of issues I must address that require consideration of Cook Composites' status as a general partnership and how that affects whether Curran, as a non-resident partner of a Delaware general partnership, is subject to this court's jurisdiction, at bottom the problem the court faces is familiar and is answered by the Delaware Revised Uniform Partnership Act's inclusion of a consent provision, § 15-114, analogous to 10 Del. § 3114 in the Delaware General Corporation Law (“DGCL”).

Gains contributed approximately 7,000 (one cent per share) to this year's third quarter, virtually nothing to this year's second quarter and approximately 0,000 (four cents per share) to last year's third quarter. Dockser said, Tax basis income from regular operations improved from the second quarter to the third quarter primarily due to higher income from CRIIMI MAE s growing investments in subordinated securities.

During the third quarter, CRIIMI MAE invested approximately million in subordinated securities issued by three real estate mortgage investment conduits that hold uninsured mortgages on multifamily and other commercial properties.

This compares with approximately .3 million (16 cents per share) for the second quarter of this year and approximately .8 million (19 cents per share) for last year's third quarter.

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