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Avocado is the fun, private, and secure app for couples to stay connected!

★ Send messages to chat privately★ Share a calendar and lists★ Doodle on photos★ Share a media gallery and more!

It may sound corny but especially in a LDR is very sweet. Within chat we could send video, audio and little reminders like "Thinking of you." But besides Thumbkiss, none of these features were unique enough to crown Couple the winner.

Twyxt's calendar was the runner-up, but still didn't sync with Google Calendar or i Cal so it didn't beat Between.

The app has not been updated since July of last year, most likely the cause of the issues. I used this app in a previous LDR (sorry, babe) and liked it.

Couple is popular for its "Thumbkiss" feature; users tap the screen at the same time and can "feel" one another by a slight vibration through the phone. While the app does not have a functional calendar, it does have a "List" feature for logging important dates.

Just fire up your chat app of choice: Facebook Messenger, Whats App, Line, We Chat, and you’re chatting the hours away with your sweetheart.

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Whether you’re struggling with communication, commitment or other issues, our 300 licensed counselors are standing by to help you and your partner work together to make your relationship stronger than ever.This also had a "List" ability, a "Kiss" feature (similar to Couple's "Thumbkiss") and messaging system.The intent seems to keep a record of your entire relationship, not just stay organized.Regina worked with me and my husband for several months.She really helped us to understand how to deal with issues, and how to communicate with one another.✓Share photos from your gallery to Facebook, Twitter, or email Send Hugs & Kisses!

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