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Use the backup and restore function from Copfilter setup_util -b (backup) -u (uninstall) -r (restore) 2014 04 03 Released Copfilter 2.1.92beta2 Copfilter 2.1.92beta2 comes with many updates and bug fixes.

Important: if you plan to use copfilter on a fresh IPCop installation, it is important, to create a folder in /var/log! mkdir /var/log/install and start your installation from that directory, or you risk running out of space on your root partition!

In particular, modern antivirus software can protect from: malicious browser helper objects (BHOs), browser hijackers, ransomware, keyloggers, backdoors, rootkits, trojan horses, worms, malicious LSPs, dialers, fraudtools, adware and spyware.

Some products also include protection from other computer threats, such as infected and malicious URLs, spam, scam and phishing attacks, online identity (privacy), online banking attacks, social engineering techniques, advanced persistent threat (APT) and botnet DDo S attacks.

If you're on Windows 7 or, God forbid, Windows XP, third party AV software might make you slightly less doomed.) At best, there is negligible evidence that major non-MS AV products give a net improvement in security.

More likely, they hurt security significantly; for example, see bugs in AV products listed in Google's Project Zero.

That changed when more and more programmers became acquainted with computer virus programming and created viruses that manipulated or even destroyed data on infected computers.

This malware could be spread through other malicious apps, websites, and malicious advertising on sites or in games, which prompts a user to download and install the application.

Major amounts of developer time are soaked up dealing with AV-induced breakage, time that could be spent making actual improvements in security (recent-ish example).

What's really insidious is that it's hard for software vendors to speak out about these problems because they need cooperation from the AV vendors (except for Google, lately, maybe).

2014 11 16 Released Copfilter 2.1.92beta6 for IPCop 2.1.7 This release completes the promised spamassassin 3rd Party rule updates Great thanks goes to Shelby GT500 for sorting out last issues before releasing.

2014 11 09 Released Copfilter 2.1.92beta5 for IPCop 2.1.7 This is a security and bug fix release and it is recommended to update your system as soon as possible.

Released Copfilter 2.1.93beta1 for IPCop 2.1.8 - 2.1.9 We are pleased to release the new Copfilter release with some updates and more fixes.

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