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and relaxed knowing the fingers that she's pressing into my balls is causing me to suffer so bad that I can't do a thing to get her to stop poking her finger into my balls if I wanted to and she can make me suffer bad as long as she wants and she knows it. She and I had been very silly with each other all day, lots of joking and...An old girlfriend--let's call her Jenny, she was the first girl I was ever honest with about my fetish--and I went out to lunch one day. I work from home and my girlfriend has to go out for work.A little ways in Neil's progress was held up by a Satellite Premium salesperson who inquired whether Neil would like to get the service and over 1000 channels of content."But that's wonderful, sir. We have a Ballbusting package of 14 channels at a low, low additional price of .95 a month.We can have it installed for you in less than 24 hours, seeing as you already have the satellite."Neil gave his information, continued to shop and went home.Next she decides to see how big she can make william's cock, by using a penis pump and taking william beyond his pain threshold.To finish him off, Hunter uses an old fashion vibrator that is to much for him to handle, while she canes his cock and balls.

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Also, I had a most delightful chat in the main room recently with Eric & Chaiyles, where I discovered that the lovely Chaiyles has had extensive dance training and loves shoes!I never imagined abusing anyone's balls until I met met my boyfriend. I have always fantasized about asking a Dom to take my balls to hell and back, and ignore my screams for mercy.He loves to have his balls busted and he eased me into it slowly. Anyway it happened 3 yrs ago in thailand when i browsed the web looking for a sadisitc dom to carry out this fantasy. I was watching an argument between a man and a woman when i was real small.The announcer was saying that ball-tempering was an important element in the training of monks. All site names, descriptions and banners are provided by third parties.After some 3-way brainstorming, we sort of all came up with the idea of them doing a SERIES of bb shoe videos - including a bb ballet one!!

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