Arab jewish mized dating


The 2013 Pew Survey of US Jews found that 58 percent intermarry and, among non-Orthodox, the number is an extraordinary 71%.

But in Israel the statistics are significantly lower.

I didn’t tell them I was Arab but some of the kids found out through Facebooks, because the names of my Muslim brothers are listed there. There were quite a few kids that blocked me on Facebook.

I told myself, “oh, now they’ll find out my secret.” I didn’t want everybody to know I was [only] half-Jewish.

A sticker from the anti-miscegenation group Lahava is seen on an electrical post in Jerusalem.Ynet carries today an interview with a girl of 14, daughter to an Arab father and a Jewish mother.The girl, presented under the false name of “Amanda”, explains that although her father, who has since passed away, initially signed her into an Arab school in the city of Lod (most schools in Israel are segregated), she has since-moved to a Jewish school in another city, where she lives in fear of her classmates finding out she’s half Arab. My Muslim family is very conservative, they don’t let me dress how I like and won’t let me have a boyfriend. When I was really small they’d scold me for wearing a tank top, and they still wouldn’t let me wear a miniskirt.There’s everything in the interview -racism and discrimination, chauvinist theocratic patriarchy, and, most heartbreakingly, the self-loathing Amanda uses to cope with a society which has been constructed in such a way that being Arab became a source of shame (and being a woman doesn’t make it any easier). So sometimes I leave the home in modest clothes and then I change to modern ones.Some select quotes: Why did you choose a Jewish school? I don’t like the Arab education system, the Jews’ level is higher and you get more help with your studies. When you got to the junior high school outside the city, did you tell you were half-Arab half-Jewish?Among the public statements issued by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last week were repeated claims about the strength of the country’s economy and adamant insistence the international community acknowledge Israel’s status as a “Jewish state.” But, what stood out most was a statement made by one of Netanyahu’s aides denying the Prime Minister’s 23-year-old son Yair was dating a 25-year-old woman from Norway.

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