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I'm not particularly good at creating quotes, but this was a way for me to combine two of my favorite objects. ❝Among the stars and with the flowers.❞ ─────────────────...♕————————————♕ Hello everyone, I am Mishi here, today I am back with a blog!

The new period Taisho era(1900s) was started at the same time when the Meiji era collapsed.

Despite this, a combination of curiosity and the need to procrastinate led me to download not one but three different games all from different developers to better understand why these games make girls’ hearts go doki doki.

This is all You, a linguistically gifted correspondent, go with a client to a party filled with foreign socialites. These gorgeous guys clamor around poor, disoriented you.

♕————————————♕ Hello everyone, I am Mishi here, today I a... And I'll do a noragami blog and this time, I decided to do my very first crossover drawing. ┄─━ ࿅ ༻ Anime Archetypes ༺ ࿅ ━─┄ 『 SPOILER ALERT 』 The example sections under each archetype may contain spoilers about characters and their respective anime. This one is for the Toonami fans that grew up with this anime!

In this drawing I'll be having Yato from noragami and izaya from durarara #Noragami Weekend This weekend ... But in seriousness I made this 8 bit a few weeks back but I kept procrastinating so I never got it done till Monday Processing was long as usual but it was worth ...

“Let me participate in the conference.” Even if he was ignorant of the world, he had a strong passion to make a new world.

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