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Photos and videos show the group chatting, drinking and laughing.

The next day Amir sent Bia Whatsapp messages apologising and assuring her: “I get punched in the face for a living and still get the best girls. I will get the best guys regardless scar or no scar.” Bia said: “We are all just having a really, really, good night and it was just a small group of us. It was the worst moment of my life.” Bia is on holiday in Dubai with her mother Denise, 53, when they spotted Amir in a shisha cafe, on Sunday.

A glamorous woman partying with Amir Khan claims she was glassed in the face in a nightclub by a “jealous” air hostess.

Bia Hannides, 22, was drinking and dancing with the boxer and his pals after they exchanged numbers in a Dubai shisha cafe and he invited her to a club, she says.

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Every day there was something new with hundreds of people.

Amir Khan has dismissed claims that he was behind Katie Price's reported split from Alex Reid. Papers say its because of me, Katie Price split up with Alex.

While Price and Reid have yet to officially confirm the news, a tabloid newspaper suggested that the former glamour model's close friendship with the boxer was to blame.

The make-up artist accidentally brushed into a woman hanging around the VIP area at the Billionaire Mansion club prompting her friend to lash out.

Amir’s brother Haroon told the hostess to leave the roped off section – so she allegedly smashed a glass into Bia’s eye – leaving her covered in blood.

However, writing on Twitter, Khan insisted that such allegations are untrue."Stories about me and Katie price are not true!

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