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It did not feature giant inflatable floats, but instead was just comprised of Macy’s employees and zoo animals. Goodyear Blimp Offers a Free Ride, 1925 Rubber company Goodyear built a blimp in 1925.To this day they have offered their airship to TV networks to use as a camera platform during sporting and entertainment events.As a joke, they'd gone into their dad's AOL account and sent silly, innocent instant messages to everyone in the office, and none of the adults could understand the shortcuts and slang.He later learned "idk" means "I don't know" and "lyk" means "like." "It was a real 'boy am I old' moment," Jones remembers.AZAR - Random Video Chat is exactly what its name suggests it is: an app that lets you have random video conversations with other users.In other words, it's a sort of hybrid between Badoo and Chatroulette.

In 1924 the first parade was organized as a publicity stunt to draw attention to the department store.

However, this race was different because it covered 1500 miles. They got 6 times as many followers after the race and of course the famous race remains today. It Was a Lucky Strike, 1906 Back around WWI, it was not acceptable for women to smoke cigarettes in public.

One of the fathers of PR, Edward Bernay, had the idea to get good looking women (but not too model looking) to light up cigarettes in New York’s Easter Sunday Parade.

It all began in 2004, when Jones, a software engineer, received some odd instant messages at work, using terms such as "idk" and "lyk." It was all Greek to Jones.

Jones, a computer programmer in Allen Park, Michigan, quickly realized the messages weren't from his boss -- they were from his boss' children who were hanging out at the office with their father for the day.

April the giraffe looks set to deliver an ‘April Fools baby’ later today as signs of contractions and labour continue.

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